Photo of Professor Zekiye Çınar

Zekiye Çınar was born in Istanbul in 1947 and graduated from Çamlıca Girls' High School. Immediately afterwards, after successfully completing the Robert College Chemical Engineering Department, which is now Boğaziçi University, in 1971, she became an M.Sc. Engineer, respectively; She received the titles of doctor and associate professor in 1987 and 1979. Ms. Çınar became a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Yıldız Technical University in 1988, also gave undergraduate and graduate courses at Yeditepe and Marmara Universities for many years. Ms. Çınar has been a faculty member at Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry for more than 40 years, retired in 2014.

An international congressopen in new window was held in 2014 with the participation of 241 attendees, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ms. Çınar at Yıldız Technical University. In 2016, a special issueopen in new window was published in the Journal Advanced Oxidation Technologiesopen in new window in her honor, in which academicians from 14 different countries contributed scientific articles.

Ms. Çınar has also held many administrative positions throughout her career. She successfully carried out the duties of Yıldız Technical University Research Fund Manager, Yıldız Technical University Scientific Research Projects Coordinator and Yıldız Technical University Science Institute Manager for many years. Ms. Çınar was a physical chemist working in the fields of heterogeneous photocatalysis and reaction kinetics. Ms. Çınar has published many cited articles in respected international journals and has trained many graduate / doctorate students. She took part in the five-person science committeeopen in new window of all Chemical Physics congresses held every two years in Turkey.

Physical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Thermochemical Kinetics, Molecular Photochemistry are just some of the courses given by Ms. Çınar at undergraduate and graduate levels. The book Quantum Chemistry, published by Çağlayan Bookstore in 1994, has been a book preferred by students for many years and is still among the books on the market.

Photo of Professor Zekiye Çınar